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Janitorial Cleaning

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We put out a new mailing to companies that make "Green" cleaners. We are letting them know what we can provide independent evaluation of the products performance. The resulting information can be used as part of the Green Seal certification process.

See our brochure

So far we have had three companies contact us for testing their products.
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What are we doing in July 2008

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Currently we are wrapping up working on a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The grant is focused on providing assistance to companies in the Rhode Island that are using Trichloroethylene (TCE) for cleaning applications. The goal of the project is to reduce the amount of TCE being used by replacing with safer cleaning products or procedures. This project will be finishing in September 2008.

For more on TCE
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Cleaning Database

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Over the years we have compiled testing data on hundreds of cleaning products.

The database is known as the CleanerSolutions database and can be found on-line at:

For those of you that have used EPA sponsored Solvent Alternative Guide (SAGE) from the Research Triangle Institute and are looking for a replacement tool, CleanerSolutions may be what you are looking for.

Read excerpt from dissertation on the creation of this database: CleanerSolutions A Tool For Toxics Use Reduction Through Solvent Substitution In Surface Cleaning Applications. Want more on this? Email me.

Find out how to use the database using our You Tube videos

For more training
videos go to our main
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Cleaner Cleaning at the Toxics Use Reduction Institute

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Welcome to the TURI Lab blog.

We will be providing updates on what we have been working on for safer cleaning practices.

To learn more about us, visit our website at the Toxics Use Reduction Institute:

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