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Lab update for January 2011

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End User Testing
• Sign manufacturer – working with consultant to set up more environmental testing. First round has issues with edges on red metals and some hazing. Second round is out for testing. Haven’t heard back yet. Have an email out to them.
• LED manufacturer – waiting on new engineer to get back to us with information. Need to collect more soil from them. Possibly start preliminary testing first week of January.
• Electronics – getting new silicone from them to test. Testing started
• Equipment refurbisher – trying to set up visit to restart work with them. They contacted lab before holidays
• Metal working facility – working on cold solvent regulations. Hoping to start nPB replace in spring 2011
• RI testing assistance for MEK – Working on a NDA
• Transportation Agency – Visit to lab with OTA. Waiting on test request form for initial project to work on.

• Maid service evaluation. Wrapping up video tape process during TURI homes cleanings Completed travel to Illinois, Texas and Washington in January. Completed initial EHS assessment of current products. Started working on alternative chemicals and equipment.
• Pepsi Refresh Project – mobile lab project listed on site for voting during January – did not win, but did get the word out there about the lab. Thanks for your votes.

Small Contract Work
Ongoing or Completed
• Testing equipment for steam vapor cleaning. Evaluating range of applications for cleaning and disinfecting. Follow up call to discus future work planed for February.
• All purpose, rust removal
• All purpose and kitchen grease cleaning
GS 34 degreasing testing
In the Works
• All purpose evaluation – company planning on internal testing and then follow up testing with lab for Green Seal, DfE programs
• All purpose cleaning for DfE

Database Web Tool
DIY section for CleanerSolutions site or separate site. Met with consultant and TURI staff to discuss content and infrastructure of site.

Disinfection Testing
Progressing with initial testing protocols. Have a few contracts in the works for testing

Visit at University of Washington to discus field testing partnership and HPCP testing opportunities. Other universities and school systems being contacted by IEHA for participating field testing.

Request for presentation on the lab to Chemical Innovations Institute (CII) at University of Connecticut Health Center Annual Meeting– Feb 28th

TURI Projects
• Industry matching grants program – hinges on next round of environmental tests
• Helping with TCE implementation plan
• TURI Web redesign
• Plan to participate in the Community conference set for mid April

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