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Lab update of activities for December 2008

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Alternative Cleaning Testing
We have run 67 trials for 18 companies. These include a machine construction company, a machining company; a tool manufacturer; numerous chemical companies, mostly vendors of products looking for Green Seal certification; a nano-chemical manufacturing company (boron) who has decided upon an aqueous cleaning product; and an electronics manufacturer.

Six case studies are in the works. Many of the companies have provided additional on-site testing results which we are currently working on to included in the papers.

One case study is for a company that is switching to using green seal floor stripper on their parts. This will replace their current mechanical process. Based on the success of the project, the company is currently working on a new cleaning project with lab.

A second case study was focused on replacing IPA for specialty glass cleaning. The lab had identified a potential cleaner that was being piloted by the company. The company got feedback from their customers that there was now issues with the a haze forming on the surface. The lab and the company are continuing to look for pH neutral alternative glass cleaner.

Product Certification Testing
Several companies have been working with the lab to have products evaluated for performance so that the products can be certified by various environmental standards. Testing has been conducted for Green Seal certification for GS 8, 34 and 37. Additional work has been done for product certification for EPA's DfE Formulators project.

CleanerSolutions Database
The CleanerSolutions database was recently updated with the latest batch of testing results for end users and vendor projects. In addition, minor changes to the layout of the home page have been completed. In the works will be the addition of a guided search that will help users in a stepwise manner determine what type of cleaning equipment and chemistry would best suit their needs.

The participated in the recent TURI Continuing Education Conference held November 20 in Framingham. The session the lab ran included information on the lab's services and the CleanerSolutions database.

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