Friday, June 26, 2015

Student Employee Highlight: Abby Giarrosso

Abby Giarrosso is an upcoming sophomore at Umass Lowell and has been a TURI work study employee since September of 2014. She is a Chemistry major who loves to basket weave. Abby loves chemistry due to it's real life applications and radical changes in the science field. She decided to work at TURI since it related more to her study even though the Lowell Public Access Channel wanted her as an employee.

Her favorite projects in the laboratory so far have been the carpet staining testing and the safer paint stripping alternative testing. She is still unsure what path she would like to direct her studies in Chemistry, but she is learning a lot through projects she is participating in within the lab.

She is currently helping with a project for TURI's Greg Morose and Umass Lowell professor Dr. Daniel Schmidt creating a safer alternative chemical database. Her job is to research chemicals that are environmentally safer using the Hansen Solubility Parameter program (HSP) and the simplified molecular- input line entry system (SMILES). This program will help with the formulation of safer products. Greg Morose and Dr. Schmidt are working with the HSP creators to create a database that can be used on a global level.