Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lab update of activities for April 2010

Green Cleaning Testing
Product Performance Testing
Continue to provide testing for Green Seal and EPA DfE certification projects.
• There is one project for dishwashing (manual and automatic) that is started in early April and should be completed in the middle of May
• Testing for All Purpose GS 37 and degreasing GS 34 – to completed in April - Very successful for both applications
• Testing microfiber/squeegee cleaning process using ATP measurements – should be wrapping up by the end of May
• Formulation project - Alternative solvent testing for all purpose cleaning (Dipropylene glycol methyl ether) and graffiti removal (Dibasic esters). Work should begin in middle of May
• Formulation project - working on finding replacement surfactant for all purpose cleaner.

Site Visits
Toluene replacement: Working on more adhesion tests. Investigating product they heard of from another shop - hydrocarbon based. identifying some leads on paint prep cleaners and will get those to them and they can try them and do some more testing.

Tool & Die: TCE to nPB and aqueous lines. Company identified some cleaners they thought could help them with their cold solvent regulation needs

Acetone reduction: company uses over 12,000 pounds. They are getting parts together to send to the lab to evaluate alternatives

Cable cleaning project: Went and saw their new PVC softening and cleaning operation. Going to look at two options, repainting the cable so that the multi-colored lines are no longer on it or remove the paint. Worried about VOCs with painting and cleaning.

Green Facility - Banking: The facility manager was open to working with the TURI Lab on greening the facility. Going to start with getting an inventory of all the cleaners they use. Also talked about office equipment, flooring, paint and other things that could affect indoor air quality. He mentioned they have a consulting firm in looking at their energy use also. He did mention they are thinking of looking at trying for LEED for existing building designation.

New End User Testing Projects
Biomedical Devices manufacturer: TCE User (>1000 lbs) to remove wax from glass and they have 3 degreasers - one large and two small. They may be going to a new cutting system that will use DI water as a lubricant and can cut the glass piece by piece so there will be no oil or wax to clean. This is a big capital investment so they are not sure when they can do that. In the mean time, the lab will start testing chemistry in May.

Plating: Contacted the TURI Lab to say that they are looking at D Limonene based cleaners. Going to help them look at the cleaners they are looking at and help them find the most cost effective and safest product. Working to help them meet the cold solvent regulations.

Overall, the lab has worked with 10 companies since July and conducted 55 trials

Received two of three database reviews for Journal of Cleaner Production.

We have been working on IEHA-TURI partnership revisions and improvements - better detailing what the program is about. Latest press release

Disinfection Testing Partnership within UML SHE
Plans are coming together to begin offering disinfection and sanitization testing for "greener" products.
o Working on pricing for initial project
o Laying ground work for future disinfection projects
o Student capstone project completed.
o Pilot project should be under way in June

TURA Continuing Education Conference
Session took questions on cold solvent cleaning and had DEP answer them.