UMass Lowell Toxics Use Reduction Institute Laboratory

Lab update for December 2010

End User Testing
• Working with consultant to set up more environmental testing. First round has issues with edges on red metals and some hazing.
• Waiting on new engineer to get back to us with information. Need to collect more soil from them. Possibly start preliminary testing first week of January.
• Getting new silicone from them to test. Will start other 2 soils first week of January.
• Trying to set up visit to restart work with them. They contacted lab before holidays
• Working on cold solvent regulations. Hoping to start nPB replace in spring 2011
• RI testing assistance for MEK – sending materials for testing.

Pepsi Refresh Project - Mobile Cleaning Lab proposal in the running for $250,000. Voting runs through the month of January.

Small Contract Work
Ongoing or Completed
• Testing equipment for steam vapor cleaning. Evaluating range of applications for cleaning and disinfecting.
• Reviewing cleaning methods for maid service.
• All purpose, rust removal
• Product comparison testing – all purpose and glass
• All purpose and kitchen grease cleaning
• GS 34 degreasing testing

In the Works
• Rinse aid and oven cleaning testing for DfE
• ASTM testing for all purpose, oil and grease removal

Database Web Tool
DIY section for CleanerSolutions site or separate site. Scheduled visit with contractor in January. Working on mock-up,

Disinfection Testing
Establishing next phase of training. Begin in early January. Going to try meet up with Nancy first week of January.

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning Recipes
Local author (Uxbridge, MA), Leslie Reichert, The Cleaning Coach, came for visit. She has a book on DIY recipes. Wants to work with us in future. Doing third edition of book and want to include some of our work.

• Planned visit at University of Washington to discus field testing partnership and HPCP testing in January.
• Contacted by Eastern Bank to do Earthday talk in April
• Spoke at Fitchburg NCMBEN event at request of Rick at OTA. Discussing cold solvent cleaning options
• Participated in IEHA ICM (Integrated cleaning and measurement) call.
• Did training with Lynn Rose for MA facility managers on green cleaning options. Asked to speak at their conference in April.

TURI Projects
• University Research project – met on Dec 2 for status of surfactant project
• Industry matching grants program – hinges on next round of environmental tests
• Helping with TCE implementation plan
• TURI Web redesign

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