UMass Lowell Toxics Use Reduction Institute Laboratory

Lab update of activities for April 2009

Alternative Cleaning Testing
Two more companies have had testing done for them. Currently we are working on evaluating the performance of a dish washing detergent for EPA's DFE formulator program.

Do It Yourself Household cleaners
“What Does This Mean” section now populated with information. We have added to other resources as well.

A short video also has been added for the DIY testing process

Working on Search Wizard to help users when using the database.
Working on a P2OASys data links for cleaning products – up and running
We created a feedback survey on the TURI site to provide a way for users to make suggestions on new features they would like to see.

New Cleaning Processes
We have a new dishwasher unit installed. No more washing our glassware by hand.

A representative from Activeion came in to show us their hand held ionizing cleaning product that recently received EPA certification for sterilization.

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