UMass Lowell Toxics Use Reduction Institute Laboratory

Lab update of activities for May 2009

Alternative Cleaning Testing
We have surpassed our goal of working with 25 companies. We have worked with 27 companies and run over 100 cleaning trials since July 1, 2008.

Most recently we evaluated a product for Green Seal's GS 41 Hand Cleaners and Hand Soaps Used for Industrial & Institutional Purposes. We put together a video clip of the process

Still working on adding new features to the CleanerSolutions database.

The P2OASys data links for cleaning products is up and running for about 100 products. Here is an example of one product with P2OASys data

We are putting together a new lab brochure on services provided.

Planning a meeting with others on UML campus looking into setting up a disinfection-sanitation performance testing lab.

Lab Equipment
Getting trained on new analytical equipment, BYK Gardner Spectro Guide

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