Thursday, June 2, 2011

TURI Lab Monthly Update of Projects – May 2011

End User Testing
LED manufacturer –Set up a meeting to discuss results and next steps and going over reports
Electronics – Meeting on the 10th to talk about test results and best next steps for them
Metal working facility – Arranged for a meeting in June with them about going aqueous and using a student intern or something in the fall on this project.
Bicycle manufacturer - couple of tests done. Sent cleaned parts to company
Remanufacturing-repair facility – arranged for visit in June.
Microelectronics – working with them and DEP to have them ok their cleaning process

Maid service evaluation – compiling final recommendations to be sent in early June. Putting together testing proposal for disinfection testing evaluations

Small Contract Work
Ongoing or Completed
• Testing equipment for steam vapor cleaning (IEHA connection). Evaluating range of applications for cleaning and disinfecting. Started evaluations
• Kitchen grease trap cleaning, all purpose cleaner.
• No touch cleaning system – soil removal testing (and maybe microbial testing) done on the no touch system. Have unit and will be finalizing project scope.
• Vacuum cleaner evaluation – Starting setting up for comparison of vacuum and dust mop.
• Formulation project –Planning meeting to determine next steps of project

In the Works
Green Seal GS 37 testing for natural cleaning products
• Activated water performance testing – plans for performance testing on latest model – in addition to disinfection testing. Visit from marketing and research planning on coming to UML for a visit end of month. Possibility of lab trip facility to see their set up. More trips to Seattle planned for field testing.
• Floor care cleaning process evaluations – discussion with IEHA and company about floor cleaning process evaluations. Will include ergonomic evaluation. Waiting on approval from front office.
• Discussion on working with lab to create a “consumer report” like partnership where the lab would provide testing evaluations for their products and a place to direct consumers for comparisons to other products via the CleanerSolutions Site

Database Web Tool
• DIY site work getting ready for internal review of content
• Request for assistance with P2OASys from student from the University of Rhode Island - Pollution Prevention department is making a project comparing solvent-based paint and water-based paints from an auto-body shop in RI.

Disinfection Testing
• Progressing with initial disinfection testing protocols for activated water system. Company on-site to discuss results and testing plans
• Steam vapor disinfection – testing system using less than ideal conditions
• Working on summer plan for testing – DIY recipes for disinfection, “greener” disinfectants

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning Recipes
• Student has been working on videos for recipe making and performance testing. Working on gathering new recipes

• Mass Facilities annual meeting on May 3rd at Green Star meeting.
• Training for facility management and green cleaning from December rescheduled to May 13th in Springfield
• Webinar for Nebraska Business Development Center (July). 45 minute presentation on solvent substitution and how the CleanerSolutions database can help.