Friday, October 7, 2011

TURI Lab Monthly Update of Projects – July/August 2011

End User Testing
• Sign manufacturer – Have found a cleaner they think may work on red metals. We will test that here or onsite with them. Also still looking for a low temp clear coat for red metals.
• LED manufacturer – Switching to n butyl acetate. Will visit when done and work on case study
• Electromagnetic Materials – Was asked to come back and help with a cleaning issue. Smell of a cleaner for some of their electronics is bothering worker in next office. Went and did site visit. Cleaned parts and am sending them back for their inspection. Then we will move on with odor testing.
• Metal working facility – connected with them during TCE calls and they have filled out test request form and have invited me to visit and talk about alternatives and work with them. Already talking about nPB. Will try to steer them away.
• Remanufacturing-repair facility – isocyanate painting adopted by company based on customer request. Sent them to a consultant to work on spray booth.
• Microelectronics – Visited with company and picked up pallets. Cleaned them in lab, going back to talk to them about if they are clean enough and work to develop cleaning process.
• Sheriffs office – Visiting again with vendor. If they connect and like product then project for laundry will hand off to vendor. Vendor is on MA EPP list and has worked with other correctional facilities in the state.
• Plating company - going to meet with them to see their cleaning process and see if they can get out of using TCE
•Plating company - invited to visit and see their operation and also invited to work with upcoming NESF conference
• Capacitor Mfr - They are ready to work on nPB to Aqueous. Will be discussing time lines, grants, prices, space, capital and type of cleaning

Small Contract Work
Ongoing or Recently Completed
• Testing equipment for steam vapor cleaning (IEHA connection). Evaluating range of applications for cleaning and disinfecting.
• Providing technical support and formulation development/evaluation
• Green product line testing for IEHA HPCP
• Hand washing evaluation
• GS 34 testing
• Evaluating ways to demonstrate that traditional cleaners can leave behind residues. Determine effect on resoiling
• Vacuum vs. dust mop evaluation results submitted to company
In the Works
• Soil removal testing (and maybe microbial testing) done on a no touch system. Have unit and will be finalizing project scope.
• Green Seal GS 37 testing for natural cleaning products
• Discussion with IEHA and company on floor cleaning process evaluations. Will include ergonomic evaluation. Waiting on approval from front office.
• Discussion on working with lab to create a “consumer report” like partnership where the lab would provide testing evaluations for their products and a place to direct consumers for comparisons to other products via the CleanerSolutions Site

• SHE seed grant proposal funded for Cleaning in Home Health Care. – Margaret Quinn, Nancy Goodyear. The proposed project will develop methods and collect pilot data to evaluate the health and environmental impacts of the use of cleaning products in the home healthcare (HHC) setting.
• TURI University Research – disinfection collaboration with Dr. Goodyear. Performance collaboration with Dr. Nagarajan surfactant project
• Providing support/training for TURN Grant - Montachusett Opportunity Council

Database Web Tool
• DIY site – reworking layout
• Student completing work on P2OASys updates

Disinfection Testing
• Meeting scheduled for 9-26-11 to discuss status of project with electrolyzed water system
• Steam-vapor testing – underway
• Received two grants for disinfection evaluations

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning Recipes
• Working on videos for recipe making and performance testing

• TURI Lab asked to represent IEHA at ISSA State of Green Cleaning conference in September in VA.
• TURI Lab asked to speak at IEHA meeting October 18th
• Working on new Lab and possibly TCE, metal finishing or HHS help brochure
• Working within TURI for cadmium, hex chrome and TCE plans for Fall and for NESF conference. Want to use this conference to help our work with HHS substances, stakeholder work and to get out factsheets.
• Greening your facility fact sheet being worked on

TURI Projects
• TURI Web redesign
• Will review PCE alternatives report and go to meeting this month
• Working on matching grant possibly with Capacitor Mfr and maybe demo site with them or someone doing alternatives to cad or hexchrome plating.
• TUR Planner course assistance on Alternatives Assessment section. Met with other TURI staff to discuss next steps

Lab General
• New training docs and SOPS need to be worked on students
• Getting products in database and put away, updating inventory, database project of checking vendor contact information