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Biobased Facility Maintenance

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Information now available on our website about facility maintenance using biobased materials for floor finish stripping and hard surface cleaning. Read more on this topic...
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Lab update of activities for August 2008

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Status of lab projects we have been working on:
Alternative Cleaning Testing
We have conducted 27 trials for 7 companies. The general types of companies we have worked with this month include: Machine Construction Company; Machining Company; Tool Manufacturer; 3 Chemical Companies; Nano manufacturing

We are
wrapping up work for 5 companies.

DIY Household cleaners
Completed EHS profile of components
Will conduct more lab testing for performance
Heidi will coordinate testing at home by TURI staff.
Posted information to website: Do it yourself home made household cleaner recipes

Contract Testing
Vendor contract testing for Green Seal GS 37 standard for 2 companies.

ISSA Conference/mailing
Heidi attending second week of September (9/8-9/12)

Cleaning Requirements for Heat Treatment: Developments & Applications
ASM Heat Treating Society
October 29-30, 2008
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Both of us are speaking at conference
Member of the technical committee

Mobile Lab magnetic decal for site visit

Database - CleanerSolutions
Working on new updates and trouble shooting existing problems
New training videos on how to use database

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GreenWise Market

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Do-it-Yourself Household Cleaning Recipes

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The TURI Lab is working on putting together a list of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) recipes that you can use for household cleaning. Ingredients will be based on typical ingredients you find in your home. In addition, the lab will be testing how well these products work. Basic health and safety information will be linked to each of the components of the recipe. Let us know if you have a DIY recipe you want us to evaluate. Recipes and health information are now available Do-it-Yourself Household Cleaners

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Plans for the upcoming year

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As always, July brings on our new fiscal year where we set out our goals for the year and start new projects.

Projects for this year will include:

Industrial Cleaning Assitance - continue with on site assistance with companies

Janitorial Cleaning Evaluations - test products for performance based on Green Seal GS 37 standard

Updating CleanerSolutions database with new features, improving existing features

Work on funding source for possible Mobile Cleaning Lab to better facilitate on-site assistance and trainings on surface cleaning
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Choosing a Safer Cleaning Product

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