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Lab update of activities for September 2008

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Alternative Cleaning Testing
We have conducted 36 trials for 8 companies. The general types of companies we have worked with this month include: Machine Construction Company; Machining Company; Tool Manufacturer; 3 Chemical Companies; Nano manufacturing
5 Case Studies in the works.

DIY Household cleaners
Completed preliminary EHS profile of components. Now working on “What Does This Mean” section to help with interpreting data.
We will be conducting more lab testing for performance soon. We also will be having volunteers test these formulations in their homes.

Contract Testing
Conducted follow up testing for product trying to pass Green Seal GS37 and GS 8 standards

Cleaning Requirements for Heat Treatment: Developments & Applications
ASM Heat Treating Society
October 29-30, 2008
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

TURI Continuing Education Conference
Framingham, MA
November 20, 2008

Visit by EPA Region 1 to lab to discuss work on TCE grant in Rhode Island
Summary of work: 12 companies
26,000 pounds of TCE being used before working with us
Now less than 7,000 pounds
Read more on this project

Database - CleanerSolutions
Contract in place to begin work on adding new features
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Upcoming Events for Lab staff

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At the end of October, the lab will be presenting at the ASM Heat Treating Society's
Cleaning Requirements for Heat Treatment: Development & Applications at WPI, Worcester, MA.

Learn the latest developments in cleaning requirements, technologies and evaluation methods from the experts in heat treating. Go to their site to learn more.

In November the lab will be doing a session at the TURI Continuing Education Conference in Framingham, MA. The materials covered will focus on the high hazard chemicals, specifically TCE. More information...
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TCE Reduction in RI

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Some of the information from the lab's second year working with the EPA Region 1 to reduce the use of TCE in RI companies has been made available on our TURI web pages.

So far in the two years the TURI Lab has been working with companies in RI, we have been able to reduce TCE usage by 57%. Of the 41,000 lbs of TCE being used by the companies we have worked with, in two years we have helped eliminate 23,600 lbs.

Second Year TCE work in RI

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