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Lab update of activities for January 2010

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Green Cleaning Testing
Site Visits
The toluene replacement is being piloted on site for one of the four products identified by the lab. They are working on adhesion control. There are plans in the works for a return visit to assist on the project.

An additional site visit is being coordinated for next month for the cable cleaning project.

The lab has been working with three manufacturers of janitorial/household cleaners. Testing has been conducted to help these products get Green Seal and/or EPA DfE certification/recognition. Areas of testing included this month: all purpose, bathroom, glass, manual dishwashing, carpet stain cleaning, floor finish durability.

Overall, the lab has worked with 8 companies since July and conducted 40 trials.

The plan to link the products with the various cleaning standards or certifications has been completed internally but there has been no work done on making these links “live”. Furthermore, there are still plans to create a separate interface for janitorial products.

The lab is working on a couple of articles looking at how well green cleaners really work. The paper will be based on the testing program that the lab uses to assess products.

Status of How Effective Are ‘Green’ Cleaners?
The IEHA/TURI Partnership has changed direction and will not be recognizing high performing products using a formal logo for use on products or product packaging. However, the partnership will still promote the work that the lab does in testing safer products.

As part of the strategy to promote the IEHA/TURI Program industry-wide, an article on why testing for performance is important will be run in the Cleaning and Maintenance Management magazine. In addition, as the first installment of a regular column in Executive Housekeeping Today highlighting High Performance Cleaning Products (HPCP). This will provide solid science-based information to the IEHA members.

Disinfection Testing Partnership within UML School of Health and Environment (SHE)
The project has not been laid to rest just yet. A new connection with the SHE is being investigated. The Dean of SHE has expressed an interest in the project and will try to assist in getting a partner. Dr. Quinn from Work Environment also is looking into other partner. In the meantime the lab is starting a preliminary study on the use of an ATP measurement device donated to the lab. Three students (2 from TURI lab and 1 WE capstone program) are ready to start working on the project.

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