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TURI Lab Monthly Update of Projects – February 2011

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End User Testing
• Sign manufacturer – Waiting on environmental test results
• LED manufacturer–Received materials to begin testing
• Electronics– getting new silicone from them to test. Second round of testing to start week of 2/28/11
• Metal working facility– working on schedule for testing, parts
• RI testing assistance for MEK– Adhesive in. Testing to start week of 2/28/11
• Transportation Agency –Waiting on test request form for initial project to work on. Follow up email sent.

• Maid service evaluation. Reviewed training videos. Gathering chemical and equipment alternatives to assess performance and safety. Open mic session for franchisees to provide input to the evaluation process set for March 3 and 4. Representatives on site 3/2-3/4.

Small Contract Work
Ongoing or Completed
• Testing equipment for steam vapor cleaning. Evaluating range of applications for cleaning and disinfecting. Had conference call to discus future work plans.
• All purpose cleaning for DfE

In the Works
• Company planning on internal testing and then follow up testing with lab for Green Seal, DfE programs
Green Product testing for DfE and/or Green Seal evaluation for all purpose and glass testing. Possible disinfection evaluation as well
• Discussion on floor cleaning process evaluations

Database Web Tool
DIY section for CleanerSolutions site or separate site. Sent contractors content and some structure suggestions for site

Disinfection Testing
Progressing with initial testing protocols.

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning Recipes
See Database Web Tool update

• Second visit at University of Washington to discus field testing partnership March 7-9.
• Presented at CII at University of Connecticut Health Center Annual Meeting with Tim Morse and Nancy Simcox – Feb 28th
CIRI Green Cleaning and Science conference – April 27-9, Georgia Institute of Technology

TURI Projects
Industry matching grants program –hinges on next round of environmental tests
• Helping with TCE implementation plan
• TURI Web redesign
• Plan to participate in the community conference set for April 14th
• Dry Cleaning visit

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