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TURI Lab Monthly Update of Projects – March 2011

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End User Testing
• Sign manufacturer – Waiting on environmental test results. They are working on the brass and soft metals.
• LED manufacturer–Received materials to begin testing. Report sent, found 2 cleaners that may work. Working on pricing and EHS.
• Electronics– getting new silicone from them to test. Second round of testing being done. Meeting with them week of the 18th of April to go over test and to get more soil. No cleaners found yet. They have option to retrofit tanks too so we are looking into that.

• Metal working facility– They are ready to work on switch to aqueous. Will meet with them one this spring to go over plan, get parts etc then will start full project in summer when have time.
• RI testing assistance for MEK– Sent report and contact information for cleaner to them. Follow up to determine next steps

• Maid service evaluation. Open mic session for franchisees to provide input to the evaluation process March 3 and 4. Rrepresentatives on site 3/2-3/4. Completed interim report and created materials for convention for April 8th and 9th.

Small Contract Work.
Ongoing or Completed
• Testing equipment for steam vapor cleaning (IEHA connection). Evaluating range of applications for cleaning and disinfecting. Set up call to discus future work plans
• Kitchen grease trap cleaning, all purpose cleaner
• All purpose and kitchen soil evaluation
• Follow up testing for all purpose and glass testing

In the Works
• Floor care cleaning process evaluations
• Activated water performance testing on latest model – in addition to disinfection testing
• Asphalt cleaning from tools
• No touch cleaning system - soil removal testing (and maybe microbial testing)

Database Web Tool
DIY section for CleanerSolutions as separate site. Reviewed preliminary mock up and shared with some from TURI for comment. Moving ahead with content population.

Disinfection Testing
• Progressing with initial testing protocols for activated water. Met with company to discuss next steps
• Steam vapor – testing system using under less then perfect conditions

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning Recipes
Videos being made for how to make the recipes and how well they work. To be part of new web database section

• Second visit at University of Washington to discus field testing partnership March 7-9.
DEP meeting and MA EPP office to do a presentation about lab and green cleaning with facility managers and purchasers
Community conference April 14
CIRI Green Cleaning and Science conference – April 27-9, Georgia Institute of Technology
• Mass Facilities annual meeting on May 3rd at Green Start meeting. Also have a table there and will man it with OTA and interns

TURI Projects
Industry matching grants program – hinges on next round of environmental tests
• Helping with TCE implementation plan and alternative assessment
• TURI Web redesign
• Three presentations in two sessions at the Community conference April 14th (Disinfection, Biobased Alternatives, Performance Evaluations)
• Dry Cleaning visit & work on PCE report

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