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Equipment evaluation options added to IEHA's High Performance Cleaning Product testing program

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IEHA's High Performance Cleaning Product testing program in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Lowell TURI Laboratory is expanding to include equipment and non-chemical process testing. According to Beth Risinger, CEO and executive director of IEHA: "The IEHA Board of Directors has received several requests to evaluate the performance of equipment and processes in addition to chemical cleaning solutions, and after review, IEHA has agreed to develop a supplemental equipment testing program for hard surfaces that will augment the current HPCP test protocols." The Toxics Use Reduction Institute Laboratory that has been at the forefront of testing to find high-performance cleaning alternatives to toxic chemistries will conduct the equipment testing
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Lab update for October 2010

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End User Testing
Site visit to LED manufacturing company 10-28-10
Contacted by company in Pawtucket, RI via EPA about testing assistance for MEK

Small Contract Work
Ongoing or Completed
2 chemical manufacturers – 10 trials, 3 cleaning equipment companies – 5 trials
• Testing equipment for steam vapor cleaning. Evaluating range of applications for cleaning and disinfecting.
• Waiting for feedback on dry mop and vacuum cleaning.
In the Works
• Hard floor cleaning testing with the potential for future collaboration to develop official testing standard.
• Performance testing on floor stripper for EcoLogo certification
• GS 34 Testing project
• Pot and pan cleaning testing
• ASTM D4488, TURI all purpose and DCC-09 testing

Database Web Tool
• DIY conversations with IEHA may influence development of new end user interface for CleanerSolutions site.
• Worked on structure for the behind the scenes database

Answered questions using CleanerSolutions solvent replacement questions – sent links to reports and vendors in response to the following:
• Hong Kong: For acetone replacement for our washing rooms-used for dissolution of the ink of markers and the organic residues (i.e. dyes, PCP, pesticides, fatty acid and etc
• South Africa: Investigating alternatives to PCE and TCE as vapor degreasing agents for removing rolling lubricant from aluminum plates.

Disinfection Testing
Heidi, Tim and Katie have had more training in the Clinical Lab Science facility on basic microbiology techniques. Karen will be working on a write up for the SHE

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning Recipes
Worked with Joy on putting together tip sheet for DIY cleaning recipes.
Planning to have monthly update on website for most recent testing of recipes.

• Met with Karen to develop updated lab brochure - equipment testing insert
• Planned visit at University of Washington to discus field testing partnership and HPCP testing in January
• Scheduled to participate at NESF conference in November
• Scheduled to participate at ISSA and IEHA conferences in November
• Heidi spoke at a foreman/supervisor meeting in Attleboro in place of EPA on the 21st
• Heidi speaking at coatings meeting with OTA on the 28th
• Continuing education conference session for Nov 3
• Speaking Dec 1st at Business Environmental Network meeting discussing cold solvent cleaning options and how the lab can help companies find the right alternative

TURI Projects
• Providing services TURI Community grant recipients focused on green cleaning – toilet bowl cleaner focus. Other DIY testing for handout for Community program
• Met with UML faculty member to revisit his database proposal and to move project ahead without funding.
• Industry matching grants program
• Continuing Education conference session
• Helping with TCE implementation plan
• Dry Cleaning Assistance
• TURI Web redesign
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Green Organization Tips For More Productivity, Less Stress

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