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Lab update for May 2010

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Green Cleaning Testing
Site Visits
Toluene replacement – waiting to get paint prep cleaner from vendor. Also sent them info on acetone replacement solvent and they ordered a sample. Waiting on adhesion testing results on new solvent.
Tool & Die –In contact with vendor and company - Have new solvent to try, an acetone replacement product.
Bank – Sent some lists of products they use in their facility. Said they have all MSDS’s. They are going to schedule a meeting with vendors. Will give support and guidance when needed.

New & Ongoing End User Testing Projects
Wax removal from glass –First round of testing done. nPB worked for them. Will also be looking at a few other solvents, dibasic esters and new acetone replacement solvent.
Plating company– They are working with DEP to find a solvent that is ok for cold solvent regs. Lab is working on this also and looking at the EH&S profile of the alternatives. They are sending parts for us to clean here with now acetone replacement solvent.
Café – Wants to use green cleaners in store. Sent list of products they use. Will work on finding suitable replacements and connect with some vendors.
Cable company – pulled list of cleaners to try on two projects. Testing has started. They want to clean cable and a faster clean for PVC

Vendor Product Testing

The lab has been working with manufacturers of janitorial/household cleaners. Testing has been conducted to help these products get Green Seal and/or EPA DfE certification/recognition. Areas of testing included this month: all purpose, bathroom, glass, manual/automatic dishwashing.

One project for dishwashing (manual and automatic) that is wrapping up.

Testing microfiber/squeegee cleaning process using ATP measurements – compared paper towel of various quality

Formulation project - Alternative solvent testing for all purpose cleaning (Dipropylene glycol methyl ether) and graffiti removal (Dibasic esters) – have UML approval of NDA – waiting on materials to be sent

Formulation project – replacing surfactant in existing formulation in order to pass Green Seal EHS. Test resulting formulation for performance – completed formulations and started baseline testing

Overall, the lab has worked with 13 companies since July 2009 and conducted 60 trials.

Disinfection Testing Partnership within UML SHE
The partnership will start out by looking at how to compare the ATP measurement with traditional analytical methods for biological evaluations.
Student capstone project completed
Lab has done some ATP testing
Will check in with SHE Lab about testing fees and structures
Piloting products – Vital Oxide, Activeion, Steam Cleaner
Working on pricing for initial project
Partnering with IEHA
Laying ground work for future disinfection projects

IEHA-TURI partnership revisions and improvements
Chapter in Handbook for Critical Cleaning 2nd edition coming out in some time this year. Chapter focuses on the lab’s technical assistance program. Only one complimentary copy
CE Conference – Edited and sent answers to questions out of CE conference to participants. Many happy to hear from us and have follow up.

Carpet cleaning video with IEHA - editing should be done in June

Attended EASTEC conference

Attended NEFA sponsored wet cleaning seminar and class on May 15th in Rochester NH. Great technical class on fibers and fabrics with hands on work after.

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