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Lab update for November 2010

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End User Testing
• Working on paint strippers for powder coating. Waiting on weathering testing results.
• Site visit to talk to facilities manager- restarting acetone replacement project. Cleaning LED wafers.
• Referral from OTA. Using heptane, toluene and IPA to clean silicone and resins off mixing gear. Cold cleaning issue
• Want to restart old project, cold cleaning issue also. Want to meet and start after holiday.
• Ready to look at nPB on bench tops and then vapor degreaser. Want substitute. Want to start after holiday
• Pawtucket, RI testing assistance for MEK – emailed them to get the soil to start testing.
• Electronics - Cold solvent change

Small Contract Work
Ongoing or Completed
• Testing equipment for steam vapor cleaning. Evaluating range of applications for cleaning and disinfecting.
• Reviewing cleaning methods and chemicals for maid service.
• Performance Testing on floor stripper for EcoLogo certification
• Pot and pan cleaner evaluation for DfE
• All purpose, rust removal
In the Works
• All purpose, glass cleaner comparison testing – on site for testing 12-7-10
• Enzymatic cleaner manufacturer – visit on 12-3-10 to discuss testing options
• All purpose and kitchen grease cleaning
• GS 34 degreasing testing
• Rinse aid and oven cleaning testing for DfE

Database Web Tool
Answered questions using CleanerSolutions solvent replacement questions – sent links to reports and vendors in response to the following:
• Mexico: Trying to find an aqueous cleaner for stainless steel stamped parts using cutting oil. Need to degrease and clean parts so that they can be free from oil, dirt and grey residue abteined after drawing / stamping process using immersion washer machines. More commun part materials are 316 SS, 304 SS and Monel (alloy 400)
• Puerto Rico: I’m looking for a replacement for Slide Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 3 , this product (aerosol can – 20 oz.) is used to clean molds from injection molding operations that may contain grease, lubricant, dirt, or traces of the injected plastic (molding compound) at temperature up to 350˚F. Appreciate very much your help, I performed a search but found a list of 300 products

Disinfection Testing
Heidi, Tim and Katie have had more training in the Clinical Lab Science facility on basic microbiology techniques. Karen will be working on a write up for the SHE newsletter with input from Nancy and Jason.

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning Recipes
DIY section for CleanerSolutions site or separate site.
Met with Leslie Reichert, The Cleaning Coach, to discuss possible collaborations on DIY recipes adding performance and health and safety information.

• Planned visit at University of Washington to discus field testing partnership and HPCP testing in January.
• Participated in New England Surface Finishing conference in November. Met someone using TCE in a dry cleaning type machine for cleaning. Was invited to go see the operation
• Participated at ISSA and IEHA conferences in November
• Spoke at a foreman/supervisor meeting in Attleboro on the 21st. The organizer was very interested in the CleanerSolutions database. Interested in other collaboration with TURI. They are interested in supply chain work, how to get all the pieces of the puzzle talking to make low and no voc paints that work.
• Manned table with OTA at first annual Amiccon conference in Springfield. Connected with chambers of commerce and some business magazines from the area. Thoughts are to write short articles on TURI or projects to get our name out there.
• Speaking at Fitchburg NCMBEN event at request of OTA. Discussing cold solvent cleaning options
• Participated in conference call for Healthy Hospital Initiative – Health Care without harm Green Cleaning project
• Started fact/tip sheet on “greening your facility”

TURI Projects
• University Research project – meeting on Dec 2 for status of surfactant project
• Industry matching grants program – waiting for environmental/weathering testing.
• Helping with TCE implementation plan
• Dry Cleaning Assistance –Talking to Kreussler about chemical in their new dry cleaning solvent. Trying to get information. Looking to do alternative assessment with a few tools on the main solvent classes. Think it would be great to see how this new process would compare with other replacements. Could use Green Screen, P2OASys and others.
• TURI Web redesign

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